jQuery Twitter Search Plugin

It’s a jQuery plugin only for tweets search. Where you need to implement the layout to display the tweets. Actually, it means that you are free to use your own layout. ;)

Check out on GitHub to see the full documentation github.com/phstc/jquery-twitter.


I worked in a project where I needed to display the last tweets messages containing reference to a website.

I found many jQuery Twitter Plugins, but most of them already worked with searching and displaying the tweets. In the project I mentioned the layout to display the tweets was specific. So I couldn’t use the plugins’ layout.

##What’s the difference

The available plugins on the internet use an ugly syntax to search.

   from: 'pablocantero',
   text: 'hello+world',
   container: 'myDivId'

Twitter Search Plugin is DSL based.

var tweets = new Twitter.tweets();
      alert('It’s a customized function to display the tweets');

##Download it

The jQuery Twitter Search Plugin is available on GitHub github.com/phstc/jquery-twitter.



##Do you want to improve this JavaScript?

The project is available on github as an open source project github.com/phstc/jquery-twitter.

You’re welcome to make your contributions and send them as a pull request.

Thanks to @rdgr.