My setup

[UPDATE] Now I’m in The Setup/Community.

Here is a post about my setup, what I use to get stuff done. It was inspired by The Setup.

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Pablo Cantero, I’m software developer, currently working mostly with Ruby ecosystem, from web servers provisioning to web app development, including all cool stuff from this fancy world.

Before Ruby I worked with JEE and I also worked with Classic ASP in my first job as a developer (2002-2004). Even using ASP, it was a really great experience for a first job because, the company was small, I was able to do everything from front-end to database and server.

As a fan of JavaScript, I also play around with Node.js.

My Linkedin profile.

What hardware do you use?

I’m on a 13-inch MacBook Pro, bought in 2009. Although it is an old lady, it got some fresh blood after I updated it with 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM.

I use an iPad 2 3G 16GB for reading (Flipboard and Stanza).

I use an iPhone 4s 16GB for reading (Instapaper), games, WhatsApp, music (Amazon Cloud Player) and phone functions.

I recently bought a Kindle PaperWhite for reading in place of iPad + Stanza. The idea of the Kindle is to use it in the train going to my work. The iPad isn’t so comfortable for this purpose.

And what software?

For development I use Vim. My vimfiles has some plugins and shortcuts (maps) to make it even more productive, mostly are specific for the Ruby environment. I also use Vimium on Chrome.

For terminal I use iTerm 2 plus oh-my-zsh.

For password management I use 1Password. Before that I used LastPass. I only memorize essential passwords. Most of my passwords were generated by these managers.

For writing as my blog is in Markdown (powered by Jekyll), I use iA Writer. It keeps my focus when I’m writing and doesn’t overkill with useless options.

For productivity I use AlfredApp + Powerpack. I replaced the Spotlight shortcut (CMD + Space) to the Alfred prompt; the Powerpack is very handy, specially to fast browse directories and for clipboard management (before I used Flycut), it can be also integrated with 1Password. I use Divvy for Window Management, I configured useful shortcuts to resize windows to 100%, 50% left, 50% right, up, bottom etc. I use TotalFinder to bring tabs and cut (CMD + X) to Finder. I got a free license contributing to the project on GitHub.

For web browsing I use Chrome!

For email I use Gmail with shortcuts enabled.

What would be your dream setup?

I don’t have a big ambition for a dream setup, maybe a MacBook Air, but I’m not totally sure about it anymore after the new MacBook Pro, as it got really thin without the optical drive.

Something that I would like to have is an Apple Time Capsule. To save my backups using Time Machine, I have to attach an external drive (this external drive was the original MacBook Hard Disk that I replaced with a 256GB SSD), and with Time Capsule I can do it wirelessly. But I need more courage to buy a Time Capsule, because it is too expensive for my needs.