Quick and Dirty: Simple Ruby Profiler

You know when your code work well in test, development and staging environments, but when you roll out to production you notice it very slow? Even testing it pre-production, only production has the real data and load.

As Ruby is so awesome, there is a super easy way to find slowness in our code. I’m calling it a profiler, but it isn’t nothing fancy, just a super simple hack to measure the methods execution time, no memory, complexity etc measurements.

Let’s do it! Go to your special production host, the one you use to test in production (testing like a boss). Everyone has a production host which is used for bad things.

Paste the snippet below in something available to the class scope you want to profile.

def log_time
  beginning_time = Time.now

  result = yield

  end_time = Time.now

  info "#{caller[0]} - Completed in #{(end_time - beginning_time) * 1000} ms"


Wrap the code you want to profile:

class UserRegistration
   def register
     log_time { do_something }

     if log_time { something? }
       # ...
     elsif some_value = log_time { do_something_else }
       # ...

Then you will get something like that in your logs output:

/data/app/releases/…/user_registration.rb:3:in register’ - Completed in 300.00 ms /data/app/releases/…/user_registration.rb:5:in register’ - Completed in 500.00 ms /data/app/releases/…/user_registration.rb:10:in register’ - Completed in 2000.00 ms

And as expected, your database will be guilty in most cases. MOAR indexes.